STA Classes

STA Classes

Spring / Summer Semester 2023.
We’ve been providing classes for the LIC community since 2012 for ages 6-18 years old

Secret Theatre Academy Presents:

Spring / Summer Semester 2023 Classes 
Running: February 4th, 2023 – June 25th, 2023     

 Showcase: June 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th

Secret Theatre Academy grew from the launch of The Secret Theatre’s original venue in Long Island City which only closed because of Covid lockdown. We launched the theatre in late 2009 and then founded our drama school a couple of years later. We have taught hundreds of young students, drama, dance and singing skills, we have produced several shows including Seussical and Annie which featured minor actors in full productions. Our actors have been in films, theatre shows and our batting average in assisting students who wish to attend performing arts High School is very high. We currently have students at La Guardia HS for the Performing Arts, Professional Children’s School, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Professional Performing Arts School, Talent Unlimited and many others. Enroll in the STA, today!

STA Offers The Following Classes:
Junior Drama

For Ages: 6 – 9 Years Old
Saturdays and Mondays

Junior Drama is a fantastic activity for young performers. It helps with socialization, memorization, team building and many other interpersonal skills that will benefit the student in their lives. The classes build over a semester to a showcase for parents and family that usually takes place on the last weekend of either the Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter semester. If the student is 6, they must have basic reading ability to participate.

Junior Musical Theatre

For Ages: 6 – 9 Years Old
Saturdays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Like Junior Drama, Musical Theatre is a wonderful way of building social and physical skills. If the student is more into singing, dancing and acting this is the class for them! During the semester the student will have choreography, singing and acting practice. Like all our semester classes there is a performance at the end of the semester. If the student is 6, they must have basic reading ability to participate.

Senior Musical Theatre

 For Ages: 12 – 18 Years Old
Saturdays and Fridays

More advanced than the Junior Classes, in Musical Theatre the student will learn songs, choreography and acting from well-known Broadway musicals. Students may benefit from some previous experience where possible. Each semester the various Musical Theatre classes will usually merge to put on one large recital or showcase. The classes during the week and weekend are similar but you should pick one.

Senior Drama

For Ages: 12 – 18 Years Old
Saturdays and Wednesdays 

This class is where students who are entering middle and high schools will receive and in-depth knowledge of acting. Often the plays or parts chosen for the lessons will be from material that should appeal to the YA audience. Recent plays examined in class include She Kills Monsters [Dungeons and Dragons themed] and Geek [Cosplay]. We try to achieve a level of acting in the showcase that an adult actor would be proud of.

Broadway Tap

For Ages: All Ages (beginners/intermediate)

Tap class is a very important class for any performer who wishes to have all round skills and who wants to be considered a Triple Threat! There are still many instances of movies, films and theatre pieces that require this dance technique. Any self-respecting Musical Theatre actor should at least have basic tap skills which, by the way, will build stamina and fitness while you have fun.


Adult Tap                                                                                                                                                    For Ages: 18+

Adult tap is focused on the fundamentals of tap dance for beginners as well as dancers who grew up tap dancing but have been away from the dance. Classes will include exercises in the fundamentals of tap as well as the application of steps in the form of choreography. this is an inclusive class available to dancers of all levels.

Intermediate Musical Theatre

For Ages: 9 – 12 Years Old

Intermediate Musical Theater serves as a bridge for young performers that are nearly ready for the Senior class level. This class will be tailored to the students’ focus and abilities as they work together to rehearse a short mini-musical to be performed at the end of class. Students will learn the value of hard work and creativity, as well as practical skills like how to navigate a script, read music, and stage terminology.


K-pop Dance

For Ages: 9 – 18 Years Old

Kpop Dance classes consists of learning ranges of choreography from famous Kpop idols and groups! This class is open for all levels of students. Introduction to basic street jazz, hip hop, and jazz are demonstrated through each class. Whether you are a fan of Kpop or a new listener, our Kpop classes are always a blast!


Photo Credit (All Classes Photos): Reiko Yanagi.

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