The Secret Theatre has permanently closed its doors, due to financial issues stemming from the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis. Read More


If you are able to donate to us, you can do that via our still active Go Fund Me page:

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Created March 12, 2020:

The Secret Theatre, like many theatres,  survives on an extremely thin margin. We are raising funds to help us ride out the inevitable downturn that the current public health crisis is creating.  The constant struggle to keep any theatre open is now compounded by market forces being driven by the coronavirus.  As a micro-business, we are unsure which ‘official sources’ to trust and this creates uncertainty.  This lack of real advice and the current NY State of Emergency make it crucial that we try to raise funds now to help us survive and thrive.

STOP PRESS: There have already been many cancelations of business.

We have no rainy day fund or line of credit to draw upon and after a decade of service to the community, we need this money to help us pay for essentials including rent, staff costs, and production costs.  Last year we raised our staff wages to at least minimum wage, a couple of years ago we resolved to pay all actors at least a stipend and these small improvements came at a time when off-off-Broadway prices are stagnant. 

Although we are an independent ‘for not that much profit’ theatre we have created a cultural center that creates the breeding ground that has enabled other arts institutions like Queensboro Dance Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Sounds of Music and Arts Festival, Queens New Music Festival to grow.   We were the venue of choice for all of these organizations inaugural productions.  Your support not only helps the Secret Theatre and its in-house shows but it helps us provide an affordable platform for countless other arts and theatre companies.

We promise to use your contributions wisely to secure the long term future of The Secret Theatre so that we can continue to provide top-quality theatre, music, dance, and other live events for our second decade.  Ironically we are launching Secret Productions, Inc. our new non-profit this month to assist with securing the Secret’s future. 

Some of the contributions will also help us with set-up costs as we transition from our original business model to a system that we believe will help us steady the ship through grants from arts supporting institutions and from funds available in the form of grants from the Dept of Cultural Affairs.

Thank you for your support.