The Secret Theatre Academy Covid Precautions for In Person Classes

  1. The studio will be fitted with AC
  2. There are ceiling fans to help circulate fresh air.
  3. Temperature checks at the door for all campers, anyone, including teachers, with a temperature above 100f will be asked to go back home. However, we will check the temperature at least twice especially if people have been rushing to get to class.
  4. Free masks and sanitizer provided
  5. All teachers are fully vaccinated
  6. Hand washing is strongly encouraged at multiple points during the day,
  7. All students will wear masks during indoor activities
  8. We will convert some choreography/lessons to outdoor activities at either Windmuller or Lou Lodati parks.
  9. Lunch will also be outdoors, weather permitting. Again supervised.
  10. Numbers will be limited to 15 to 18 in the room that is big enough to hold 40, this is below 50% capacity compared to previous year’s camps.
  11. Free Covid tests for children aged 4+ are available at Rite Aid. If you have never tested your children it might be really important to get this test before camp for your peace of mind. Check what the turnaround time for the results will be. [ At this time we are not mandating this but we are heavily recommending it ]