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The Underpants Godot 2018
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2017-2018 SEASON

The Underpants Godot
When a cast and crew are close to opening their own rendition of the most famous existential play ever, with the main characters played by hot young guys (instead of old geezers) in their underpants, would you not expect some controversy from the estate of its late playwright? A representative from the Samuel Beckett estate crashes one dress rehearsal to investigate, and must decide: Will this show go on or not?


Rachel Corrie


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UNFringed 2018

 Productions / Events:


@ The Secret Theatre

Princess Particular

Pirate Pete's Parrot


This horror movie is completely acted by the students of The Secret Theatre Academy's first ever film class. Like all classic horror movies we see the missteps almost immediately as our group of friends discuss the idea of a seance over milkshakes at the diner. One of the friends has borrow a Ouija board and another knows of a disused theatre that they believe to be haunted. The ghosts are also played by very young actors who all range in age from 11 - 13.

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Save The Secret 2018

The Secret Theatre is in danger of shutting its doors due to the vicissitudes of the economy, fear about ongoing funding for the arts, and general 2017 malaise. For the past decade, the Secret Theatre has brought exciting, edgy, and sometimes beloved off-off Broadway shows to Long Island City with affordable ticket prices. It has hosted the Queens New Music Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Queensboro Dance Festival, and many others.

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