Auditions for High School

Auditions For Performing Arts High Schools and Colleges

The pandemic was a game-changer in many ways. Once everyone ‘moved’ online it was discovered that asking people to send in a short video of their audition was not only essential, but post-Covid it has now become standard practice requesting a ‘taped’ audition, monologue, or interview.

What is self-taping?

At its most basic level, you can self-tape with your smartphone but there is more to it than making a tik Tok or other social media-style video post. To make your ‘audition’ stand out it is best to use professional lightings such as a Socialite or similar lighting tripod that works especially well for self-tapes. The background should be plain and unfussy, white, black, grey, or drapes as a background works well. Sound is very important too. You should make sure that no air conditioners, fans, or other background noise will interfere with your recording.

Professional, Affordable Coaching

We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve the best possible result. During the first session we work on the monologues, [often you will be asked to do two, one comedic, one dramatic]. This gives the coach an opportunity to find the right monologue for the actor, then give pointers on style, approach, and technique. During the second session, [roughly a week later after the actor has memorized the lines] we hone and polish the monologue then in the third session we rehearse then film the monologue after setting the frame and lighting.

Private one on one Coaching is available for $85
Price includes filming, coaching, and monologue selection

We have many students that have won places in Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts, PCS, PPAS, Talent Unlimited, and others

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