Act One:One Act Festival 2020 – Programs

Act One:One Act Festival 2020

The Final - March 4th, 2020 @ 7:00pm
Tickets are now LIVE! 

Congratulations to all who passed to our Final round!!

We are approaching to the end of our Act One: One Act Festival
However, we need to have a winner, so we are inviting you to come and support your favorites in the final round

Marigolds by Taylor Rankin

From Program: A
Directed by
 Scott Robinson
Duration: 10 Mins.
Description: An elderly married couple wake up together in their familiar home, in their familiar environment, like they have for years…yet everything is more different than they realize.

Super Man by Joseph Sexton

From Program: C
Directed by Marcy Agreen
Duration: 15 Mins.
Description: A middle-aged intellectually-disabled man comes to terms with his mother’s death.

Two Boys and A Box of Bullets by Amanda Terman

From Program: D
Directed by Jak Prince
Duration: 13 Mins.
Description: Schoolchildren realize an older boy is plotting a massacre and a (terrible) plan is hatched to stop it.

What Are You Hiding? by Elizabeth Shannon & Morgan Southwell

From Program: D
Directed by Richard Hutzler
Duration: 20 Mins.
Description: Set in a dystopian society, a paper trail of an illegal procedure ends up in the wrong mailbox. Now two sets of neighbors must reconcile their differences and decide whether the truth should be revealed or not.

The World is Lit by Lightning by Kevin Brofsky

From Program: E
Directed by Eric Diamond
Duration: 20 Mins.
Description: A young Tennessee Williams takes a man back to his room, enacting a scenario is very similar to a famous Glass Menagerie scene.

And Everything Was Perfect by Monte D. Monteleagre

From Program: F
Directed by Kevin Snyder
Duration: 10 Mins.
Description: Five identical men do five identical jobs. Five identical men have betrayed the moon.

Breakfast by Adam Noth

From Program: G
Directed by Mark Barford
Duration: 19 Mins.
Description: Molly just wants a fun morning of breakfast with her favorite gay couple Andrew and Jessie, but unforeseen news turns the day around.

E11even by James Johnson

From Program: H
Directed by Marcela Casals
Duration: 15 Mins.
Description: A bright yet troubled 11-year-old girl tries to convince her therapist of the impossible.

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