The Underpants Godot
Written and directed by multi-award-winning playwright Duncan Pflaster

When a cast and crew are close to opening their own rendition of the most famous existential play ever, with the main characters played by hot young guys (instead of old geezers) in their underpants, would you not expect some controversy from the estate of its late playwright?

A representative from the Samuel Beckett estate crashes one dress rehearsal to investigate, and must decide: Will this show go on or not? Hilarity and judgement ensue, making this play about a play into a debate on the limits of adaptation and interpretation.

This play includes Nudity, Profanity, as well as Literary Criticism...and is therefore NOT for children

Mark-Eugene Garcia
Roberto Alexander
Alyssa Simon *
Patrick K. Walsh *
Michael Andrew Daly *
Jason Pintar *

Playwright / Director: Duncan Pflaster
Stage Manager: Krystal Wilson
Lighting Design: Justin Hsu

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Tickets $18 in advance, $20 at the door

* Winner, BEST PLAY 2015 UNFringed Festival
* Two Monologues from the play have been accepted for publication in Smith & Kraus' Best Men's Monologues 2016, coming in December.
* The play includes Nudity, Profanity, and Literary Criticism, and is therefore NOT for children.