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'MA' - Negative Space

Ninja Ballet returns for its second full-length production at The Secret Theatre, in Long Island City, June 28-July 1! Following up the success of its sold-out debut performance at Unarthodox and The Tank NYC from December 2017, Ninja Ballet Dance Company fuses traditional martial arts and classical ballet, creating an immersive and interactive dance theater performance with original music, special effects, and fight choreography!

'MA', a Japanese word for Negative Space, or the space between time, occurs in the moment of Now, and in the imagination of the human being who experiences these elements. This performance by Ninja Ballet Dance Company will explore the concept of 'MA' and how it relates to the ancient Mayan legend of Zopilote, a Vulture God that feasts on newborn babies.

Zopilote lives in balance between life and death, consuming the dead, and giving birth to new life, but when she devours the child of Subaru, a female ninja, she creates a mortal enemy: a broken-hearted mother who will do anything to exact her revenge. Subaru makes it her mission to find and kill Zopilote, but at the same moment, in the Negative Space, she herself is being hunted by Scorpion, a ninja assassin set on finding and killing her, in retribution for her clan's murder of his own parents.

The cycle of revenge will unfold, and blood will be spilled, but will Subaru find peace in her vengeance? Will Scorpion finally get retribution for the crimes of Subaru's clan against his? Will Zopilote, the ancient and powerful Vulture God of the Mayans, allow the balance of life and death to be broken? Or will they all learn the power of forgiveness, and finally bury their hatred in the past? All will be answered in the space between time, the moment of Now, the Negative Space!

With live musical accompaniment by William Catanzaro, Alfonso Montiel, Michael Joseph Burdi, Kento Iwasaki Watanabe, Edwin Rodriquez and Vladimir Demin, fight choreography by Tony Ortiz, and featuring dance choreography by Shoko Tamai with dancers Rezy Pardito, Nellie Licul, Kristen Reynolds, Pan and Edward Reyes.
Promotion Video Clip by Bey Redding O'Brien.