My Name is Rachel Corrie

Taken from the writings of Rachel Corrie.
Edited by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner.

Everyone must feel safe.
Safe to be themselves, physically safe, safe to say what they think, just safe.

Hope. Courage. Curiosity. Fear. Disappointment. Disbelief. Rage. Love. Only a few of the many emotions coloring the last months of an unusual American girls life.

In 2003, the 23-year-old Rachel Corrie was lead to Palestine by her profound sense of justice and empathy. She was an innate activist, human rights fighter and an outspoken peace seeker. Some say she was fearless, and humane. Others claim that she was simply reckless and a trouble-maker.

Yet her story is not really about tunnels, politics and weapon-smuggling. She wanted to use her voice to raise questions and prevent walls from being built, while she eventually discovered the real world and herself.

By her writings she opens a window to the world of everyday people forced to live in warzones, constantly in the fragile territory between life and death. And who without their notion become heroes by caring, sharing and understanding. On both sides of the border. Rachel saw the beauty of simplicity in times when we all tend to forget about it.

A solo act performed by Stephanie J. Prevo
Directed by Dora Endre.

(Actor Stephanie June and Director Dora Endre)

(Actor Stephanie June)

(Director Dora Endre and Photographer Eleanor Rowe)

Performance dates: from the 9th until the 11th of March, 2018.
Friday, Saturday: 7:30 PM
Sunday: 6:00 PM

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