Violent ambition. Insatiable power. Unrestrained greed.

William Shakespeare's Macbeth is the timeless tale of the destructive nature of tyranny. It is a tale that exists as much in primordial Scotland as it does in our present world.

For Macbeth and Lady Macbeth murder is the means and madness is the end. A nation and brotherhood breaks with each kill, and "what's fair is foul, and foul is fair" becomes an absolute truth.

Directed by Nick Gisonde and starring David Grant and Anna Carolina Davidson this visceral production explores a power couple's upending of their country, their people, and their own minds.

Producers: David Grant, Nick Gisonde, and Ryan Kessler
Director: Nick Gisonde
Stage Manager: Lucy Roberts
Costume Designer: Megan Mills
Lighting Designer: Jeff Aldrich
Scenic Artist: Deanna Gulick

Cast: David Grant, Anna Carolina Davidson, Ryan Kessler, John Perry, Ben van Berkum, Melody Lam, Rose Jensen, Bonnie Bairley, Caitlyn Meagher, Thomas Cambridge, Ben van Berkum, Lane Northcutt, Jashiel Valerio, Nick Grabowski, Pat McAndrew

Anna Carolina Davidson as Lady Macbeth

David Grant as Macbeth

Ryan Kessler as Macduff
Thursday March 22nd at 8 pm
Friday March 23rd at 8 pm
Saturday March 24th at 8 pm
Sunday March 25th at 5 pm

$25 online or at the door