The LIC One Act Festival 2016
October 24 - November 13

The LIC One-Act Festival is a competition style one-act play festival held at The Secret Theatre: Plays are voted on by the audience, 8 of which progress into the Finals on November 13th @ 5pm, and the winner is ultimately chosen by a panel of judges and the audience. Prizes will be offered in the following categories:

Best Play ($100)
Best Director ($100)
Best Actor ($50)
Best Actress ($50)

In addition to cash prizes, those plays in the final round will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays. Plays advance to the final rounds through secret audience votes. Final voting will be done by a panel of judges. Winners will be announced and awarded on the last night of the festival during the closing night party hosted by The Secret Theatre.

Program Dates Time
11/2/2016  7:30PM
11/5/2016  2:00PM
11/6/2016  8:00PM
11/11/2016  7:30PM
11/13/2016  2:00PM
Finals 11/13/2016  5:00PM
Program Dates Time
11/3/2016  7:30PM
11/5/2016  5:00PM
11/6/2016  2:00PM
11/9/2016  7:30PM
11/12/2016  8:00PM
Finals 11/13/2016  5:00PM
Program Dates Time
11/4/2016  7:30PM
11/5/2016  8:00PM
11/6/2016  5:00PM
11/10/2016  7:30PM
11/12/2016  5:00PM
Finals 11/13/2016  5:00PM

~Strangers In The Night (18 min): A woman has a life-altering phone call with the most unexpected source: a Time Warner Cable guy tasked with fixing her broken Internet connection.

~To Every Thing There is a Season (10 min): There's a time to every purpose under heaven ... even at a funeral! ... in this hilarious two-hander comedy.

~Dirt Rich (15 min): A foursome of Octogenarian "lost generation" expatriates living on the French Riviera wake up one to find that their entire world has become engulfed in a cage... yet nothing has really changed.

~Millard, Is That You? (10 min): Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan, 13th & 15th presidents of the United States, meet in Limbo and bemoan their fates in history - and it's a comedy!

~Exact Change (20 min): A young man is on a bridge clearly about to throw himself off of it. A young woman walking on he bridge sees him, and begins a conversation telling him not to jump.

~Magic? (15 min): A clan of magicians get cited for misuse of wizardry and have been summoned to the council to perform a magic show for evaluation.

~Slices (9 min): Jerry and May are trying to avoid the pain of a death of a close one, but what is suppressed never stays suppressed. The emotions come back and erupt.

~Cancelled (15 min): "Cancelled" follows married couple Geoff and Dominic in the aftermath of an unfulfilled adoption. Canceling a life is vastly more complicated than canceling a bbq.

~Flat & Gently Sloping Toward The Bay (12 min): Two brothers reserve a private ferry ride with their other brothers ashes in tow, in order to satisfy the deceased brother's wish that his remains be scattered off the shore off Fire Island.

~Black Star (14 min): Black Star is the story of Ramona, the only Black student in an all girls Catholic school, who is accused of practicing black magic by students and faculty.

~Profiled (10 min): No matter how qualified you are, there are a thousands reasons you might not get the job, including your color and social media.

~The Semi-Annuals (35 min): When Leon finds out about his wife Claire's plan to end her own life by employing an assassin, the couple embark on a six-month journey through what it means to be a couple, as well as an individual.

~I'm Hip (10 min): A young couple just moved from the sunshine state to Williams burg Brooklyn NY and tries to jump right in to New York living.

~Alzheimer's Diary (15 min): A daughter struggles to have a coherent conversation with her afflicted mother.

~Trump's Court (10 min): Donald Trump has a new TV show.

~The Terror Database (10 min): After receiving strict orders from their superior to cut the terror watch list in half, two agents have a devil of a time choosing which people should remain and which should be removed.

~Easy to Love (10 min): Two idiots meet in a bar and commit to making each other's lives miserable. A mysterious stranger intervenes. The bartender spits in everyone's drinks, serves pretzels and sings something.

~Sad Lonely People (20 min): Two brothers wait for their long lost "half-sister" at their mother's funeral. Buried memories are avoided with seemingly inane chatter, but when the Sister shows up, even their limited vocabulary fails them and they must deal with a new awareness of how they have been branded by their past.

~Asylum Uncle (15 min): A niece recalls visiting her uncle in an asylum as a child and is married on the same day as his electroshock therapy.

The Secret Theatre
4402 23rd Street
LIC, NY 11101
At Court Square on the E, M, G and 7 train. (Between 44 Rd and 44 Ave)