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The Secret Theatre Presents:
The LIC One Act Play Festival 2018
July 11th - August 2nd, 2018
Finals: August 4th, 2018

The LIC One Act Festival 2018 is a self-producing competition style one-act play festival. The plays are divided into up to six different programs. The Audience will vote for best plays. Those scores will be averaged to insure that everyone has a fair chance regardless of audience size. The top six to ten nominated plays will compete for the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Play. Best Actor wins $50, Actress $50, Director $50 and Best Play $100. As well, those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays.

We also intend to invite the finalists to have their play published in a short play anthology. This would be a non-exclusive deal, which doesn't prevent the author from pursuing a deal with Samuel French for example and is not mandatory. We will be using the theatre's standard lighting plot and will provide you with a light and soundboard operator. In addition we will offer free 4-hour rehearsal space to each show from July 2nd - 8th, which is subject to availability and on a first come first served. Each play is responsible for providing their Director and Actors for their production.

Break a leg! Equity Showcases permitted but acts will obtain their own code; The Secret Theatre will provide Equity compliant Insurance to the productions.


~Information and order of shows is subject to change.
~Please be forewarned: Some subject matter may be offensive or triggering.

Programs A - F
Program A
Title Of Play Playwright
The Concept of Women Emily Spence
College Without Walls Matt Sanders and Ariel Aliza Sanders
Lunchtime Johnny Culver
The World is Lit By Lightning Kevin Brofsky
Intermission Intermission
Afterlife of Brian Dan Weiss
Bulletproof Rebecca Kane
Whistle Stop Romance Phil Paradis
Revolver Megan Obrien

Program B
Title Of Play Playwright
The Passion of Athena Steve Mazzoccone
The Garden of Lies Melissa Maney
The Acrobats Michael Piatkowskir
At The Mathews Skya Theobald
Intermission Intermission
Game Over? Matt Silver
Blanche in a Wheelchair Aaron Leventman
Lucretia Steve Gold
Red Revealed Alex Maryn

Program C
Title Of Play Playwright
Tulla Notch Emily Welty
Bleachers Azariah Coppin
BeeKeeper Jack Rushton
Did You Take Your Bitter Pill Today? Patricia Fields
Intermission Intermission
What Are friends For Mark-Eguene Garcia
Death Wish Fernando Segall
Love Imitates Art Ryan Mills
Tappa Shannon Brady

Program D
Title Of Play Playwright
Gentle Warren Steven Carinci
Rest in Pieces Lizzie Guest
Park Place Lindsay Hope Simon
Amy's In The Way Tanaka Muvavarirwa
Intermission Intermission
The Unspeakable Passion of Mitch Devoe Frank Tangredi
Graveyard Shift Gwen Orel
Camelot- An untold story J.R. Hughes
Sip and Savor Thavma Phillips

Program E
Title Of Play Playwright
Still. Peter Charney
Buzzkill Rollin Jewett
What Do You Say at the End of the World Emily Welty
Schema Taylor Geu
Intermission Intermission
"Like" But Dont Touch James James
Myrtle Beach Sunrise Vivian Lermond
Ant In The Sugar Bowl Jamal Williams
The Carpenter, the Flood, and the Fart Lawrence Rinkel

Program F
Title Of Play Playwright
The Story of Us Jackie Collet
Metonym Or the Almost Completely False Story Behind the Creation of Roget's Thesaurus Ellen Abrams
Razing the Statue Marilynn Barner Anselmi
The Mask of Life IO Browne
Intermission Intermission
Roots Nikhil Mahapatra
Forgive Us Those Who Trespass Against Us Thomas Dane
I've Waited All My Life To Say Jake Gonnella
Ghost of a Chance Arnold Schmidt
Tech. Schedule
The Concept of Women 5:30 PM
College Without Walls 6:00 PM
Lunchtime 6:30 PM
The World is Lit By Lightning 7:00 PM
Afterlife of Brian 7:30 PM
Bulletproof 8:00 PM
Whistle Stop Romance 8:30 PM
Revolver 9:00 PM

The Unspeakable Passion of Mitch Devoe 3:00 PM
The Garden of Lies 6:00 PM
The Acrobats 6:30 PM
At The Mathews 7:00 PM
Game Over? 7:30 PM
Lucretia 8:30 PM
Red Revealed 9:00 PM

The Beast In Your Woods 9:00 AM
Bleachers 9:30 AM
BeeKeeper 10:00 AM
Did You Take Your Bitter Pill Today? 10:30 AM
What Are friends For 11:00 AM
Death Wish 11:30 AM
Love Imitates Art 12:00 PM
Tappa 12:30 PM

Gentle Warren 1:00 PM
Rest in Pieces 1:30 PM
Park Place 2:00 PM
Amy's In The Way 2:30 PM
Graveyard Shift 3:00 PM
Camelot- An untold story 3:30 PM
Sip and Savor 4:00 PM
Blanche in a Wheelchair (B) 4:30 PM

Still. 12:00 PM
Buzzkill 12:30 PM
Kings Of World 1:00 PM
Schema 1:30 PM
"Like" But Dont Touch 2:00 PM
Myrtle Beach Sunrise 2:30 PM
Ant In The Sugar Bowl 3:00 PM
The Carpenter, the Flood, and the Fart 3:30 PM

The Story of Us 5:00 PM
Metonym Or the Almost Completely False Story Behind the Creation of Roget's Thesaurus 5:30 PM
Razing the Statue 6:00 PM
The Mask of Life 6:30 PM
Roots 7:00 PM
Forgive Us Those Who Trespass Against Us 7:30 PM
I've Waited All My Life To Say 8:00 PM
Ghost of a Chance 8:30 PM
The Passion of Athena (B) 9:00 PM