Whether your child is an aspiring performer, or just wants to build confidence and make new friends, STADA provides a fun and safe environment for every skill level. Each class begins with warm-up games, and continues with an exploration of simple techniques on how to build a character, to deliver a monologue, to work as a team for group scenes, as well as rehearsal for the final showcase. Each semester, we conclude with showcases featuring each class of students (the musical classes are usually combined).
Is your child interested in performing...but not completely sure about taking classes? We are offering 1 FREE trial class for any class listed below. Please, no drop-in's!

We are also experienced at coaching teens that are applying for auditions at Performing Arts High Schools like Frank Sinatra School of The Arts, La Guardia Arts, The Professional Children's School and The Professional Performing Arts School [PPAS].
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Our faculty consists of the best professional artists in the city.
Richard Mazda has worked as a musician, producer, and actor for over 40 years in Europe and the US. Founder of STADA, Secret Theatre, and instructor for all Senior acting classes.

Mary Lauren has worked as a dancer, singer, actress, and producer for 20 years, from California to NYC. Instructor for all Musical classes + Junior acting.

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$485* per semester: 1 class for 1 student
$850* per semester: 2 classes for 1 student -OR- 1 class each for 2 siblings
* Include a $25 one-time registration fee for EACH new student.
* Payment plans available if needed.
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Secret Theatre Camps
We welcome all students to our programs!
Check out the links below for information and registration.
During the week, students will work towards presenting a fully-written musical created by Richard Mazda (playwright of Pirate Pete's Parrot and Princess Particular); the final product will be performed on the 5th day. Each student will have lines and all students will participate in songs and other play-making activities, such as costuming and prop-making. To get the full benefit, students should attend all 5 days. Parents are invited to see the final presentation on Friday afternoon.
Click on this link for registration and more information: Spring Break Camp April
Students will work towards producing a musical and then presenting it on the 5th day. Involves a read-through, casting, rehearsals, costume choices, and performance on Friday afternoon (parents invited).

We provide breaks with various snacks, pizza, and drinks. Each student will have lines and all students will participate in songs and other play-making activities such as costuming and prop-making.

* We will have a summer camp on July (click on the bold text for more information) : Summer Camp July

If your child has the day off from school, ST offers a day of dramatic fun. The schedule will include theatrical games and contests to get us better acquainted. We do provide breaks with light refreshment, pizza, and drink, but feel free to provide your child with their own snacks. We end the day with a popular video and, if there is time, a performance of any work that has been developed!

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One-Day Camps

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For information on classes or camps, call us at 718. 392. 0722 or write: (Tara) (Richard)