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Act One: One Act Festival 2019​

The Act One: One Act Festival 2019 is a self-producing competition-style one-act play festival. The audience will vote for each show they see, and the top-scorers will have a place in the Finals: January 13th @ 7pm.

~Information and order of shows is subject to change.
~Please be forewarned: Some subject matter may be offensive or triggering.

$18 (Advanced) | $20 (At-door)

Box Office
Contact: Tara Mary Schmitt
Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Time: 5:30PM – 10:00 PM
Phone: (718) 392-0722
Dates/Time: January 4th, 2019 @ 7:30 PM | January 9th, 2019 @ 8:00 PM | January 12th, 2019 @ 8:00 PM
Duration: 91 Minutes (1 Hour & 31 Mins)
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Year of the Phoenix
by Cassaundra Marie | Duration: 20 Minutes | Category: Drama
Ashes to ashes…
Last of the Red Hot Cyber Lovers
by Laura DeBar | Duration: 10 Minutes | Category: Dramedy
Moments after being rejected by his girlfriend at a bar, a lonely professor meets a hooker and as he pursues her, finds himself in an introspective discussion about the necessity and meaning of relationships.
More Myself Than I Am
by David Gill | Duration: 12 Minutes | Category: Comedy
Heathcliff and Catherine are finally together in the afterlife, when they realize they don’t really like each other. No, really.

~ Intermission ~

Alzheimer’s Diary
by Steve Gold | Duration: 13 Minutes | Category: Drama
A drama about a woman who struggles with her mother’s illness
Role Playing Night
by Matt Einhorn | Duration: 13 Minutes | Category: Comedy
A misunderstanding between lovers over a night of “role playing.” She plans for a bedroom related evening; he plans for dungeon and dragons with his two odd friends.
Different Worlds
by Lisa VillaMil | Duration: 16 Minutes | Category: Drama
Daughter runs away one night after a fight with her Father. And as a storm kicks up at sea, both wonder if it might be too dark for her to ever find her way back home.
The Pumpkin Patch
by Joe Breen | Duration: 13 Minutes | Category: Comedy
While the VanPelt kids look for a holiday visitor that will never come, and a childhood they’ve never had, “The Pumpkin Patch” takes a look at the folklore and latch-key world created by cartoonist Charles Schulz.
Cash prizes will be offered in the following categories:
Best Play ($100)
Best Director ($50)
Best Actor ($50)
Best Actress ($50)
PLUS! Those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre’s Anthology of Short Plays.
Rules for Voting

~ DO NOT LOSE YOUR BALLOT! We do not hand out extras due to the cash prize.

~ YOU MUST RATE EACH PLAY FROM 1 – 8 IN THE PROGRAM YOU ARE ATTENDING. “1” is you didn’t like it; “8” is you DID like it. Each play will get its own number (please do NOT repeat numbers).

~ INCOMPLETE BALLOTS will not be counted.

~ LATECOMERS will not receive a ballot.

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